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    Tennis Rules & Regulations

Tennis Rules and Guidelines

Please take the time to review the following rules and guidelines for the use of the Tennis Facilities. The Cooperation of each member is needed to maintain a courteous and pleasant atmosphere for the enjoyment of all who play tennis at Aquarina Tennis Club. Your safety and the proper maintenance of the courts are the top priorities. Members who witness improper ethics or etiquette are asked to immediately inform the Tennis Staff via Phone, email, or in person. The Director of Tennis is in full charge of the tennis facilities with the authority to interpret and enforce the Rules and Regulations.

Resident and Non-Resident Guest Fee

Family Membership: Playing Privileges to a couple living in the same household and immediate family. Dependent children 18 years of age or younger, children who are full-time college students. Anyone who is able to be claimed on Tax returns is able to play under a Family membership.

Single Membership: Playing Privileges to a named individual member of a household. All other members of the household may use the facility at a Non-Resident Guest Fee up to 5X per year.

Non-Resident Guest Fee: An outside guest will be allowed 5X admittance per year @ the rate of $10 per admittance. After 5 visits the guest will only be allowed to play if a membership is purchased.

Resident Guest Fee: An Aquarina resident who is not a Tennis member will be allowed 5X admittance per year @ the rate of $5 per admittance. After 5 visits the resident guest will only be allowed to play if a membership is purchased.


A Ball Machine Membership will allow the Tennis Member to access the ball machine from 8am-10pm. Otherwise the ball machine is available to Tennis Members from 8am-2pm. There is a limit of 1 hour to use the ball machine. Ball Machine is by reservation only. Both the machine and a court must be reserved. Reservations made through www.holdmycourt.com/reserve/aquarina.
You must Sweep and Line the whole court after using the Ball Machine Ball Machine Membership: $150 year
Ball Machine 1-hour Fee: $10

Aquarina Rules and Regulations

  1. The Director of Tennis, or tennis staff in the absence of the Director, shall control the use of tennis courts and related facilities and determine the suitability of the courts for play. The Director of Tennis shall manage exceptions to the rules as necessary consistent with the overall Club policies. When necessary, courts will be closed for maintenance, safety considerations, or adverse weather conditions.
  2. Courts are to be closed when there is rain and or detection of lightning. At no time should play continue during rain or dangerous lightning conditions.
  3. Director of Tennis must approve all special tennis activities, other than open play.
  4. Members and their guests may only use the courts during the approved hours of operation.
  5. Regular play is limited to 2 hours from October 1st Through April 30th when there is the most play.
  6. When using lighted tennis courts, it is the responsibility of the member to turn off the light switch when finished, unless there are staff members present or other members are playing. All lights must be turned off by 10pm.
  7. Children under the age of twelve are not allowed on the courts at any time without adult supervision unless participating in a sponsored and approved program under the supervision of the Director of Tennis or Tennis Staff.
  8. Members who fail to comply with tennis rules, policies and procedures may be subject to action by the General Manager, Director of Tennis, and or Aquarina Tennis Committee.
    • The Following are reasons for dismissal of the Courts:
      • disregard for court rules
      • Cell Phone Usage
      • Smoking
      • Unsportsmanlike Conduct, including profanity and racquet throwing
      • Inappropriate behavior towards Club Staff or other Members and Guests
  9. Tennis Club Dress Code:
    • Men and Boys- Must wear appropriate tennis shorts and shirt with collar or tennis related logo micro-fiber T-shirt. Only Tennis type shirts will be allowed. A shirt must be worn at all times while on the court.
    • Women and Girls- Must wear appropriate tennis shorts, skirts and or dresses. Only Tennis type attire will be allowed. If spandex tights are worn, a skirt, shorts and or a tennis dress must also be worn over the top. Bare Midriff’s or excessively low-cut shirts are unacceptable.
    • Shoes- Shoes specifically designed for tennis must be worn. Appropriate approved Clay court tennis shoes are required. Hard court tennis shoes are acceptable. No Sandals, walking, and or cross-trainers shoes allowed on the courts. The safety of the player as well as wear and tear on the courts is greatly affected by improper footwear.
    • It is each member’s responsibility to inform his/her guest about the Clubs dress code. Members and guest without proper attire will not be allowed to play.
  10. Tennis Club Hours and Reservations:
    • Hours: Courts are available to play 7 days per week, 8am – 10pm. The Tennis Pro Shop hours of Operation are Monday – Friday 8am-2pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-12pm.
    • Members may reserve a court at www.holdmycourt.com/reserve/aquarina. Reservations are taken for one court per Member, in 30-minute increments and for 2 hours maximum. Members may reserve courts 4 days in advance.
    • All players and their guests must check in at the Tennis Pro Shop prior to scheduled time of play.
    • At the end of the reserved playing period, players must promptly relinquish their court to the next reserving group of players. Courts must be swept and lined by the end of your play period if next group is waiting.
    • Players are not to walk on the court while others are still playing
    • Ball Machine: Members may reserve the ball machine for one-hour period at any time during regular Tennis Pro Shop hours unless you have a Ball Machine Membership. Courts 3 and 4 must be reserved to use the ball machine.
    • Court Priority- Usage will be administered as follows: *Team Inter-Club play- (to be determined by Tennis Director) *Lessons; Team Practices, private lessons. *Club Promoted activities; Men’s Day, Clinics, Scramble, Events, etc. * Individual member Play: Court reservations are on a first come first served basis via the online court reservation system. Members may not reserve more than one court at a time.
  11. Court Maintenance:
    Please make sure your courts are swept and lined prior to leaving the court. This procedure will give following players a clean court and give the courts an even coat of water at night. Return sweeper and liner to appropriate storage hook.
  12. Guest Use:
    • Members must register their guests at the Tennis Pro Shop upon arrival during normal business hours.
    • If a member brings a guest during non-business hours a guest fee should be left at the lockbox outside the Tennis Pro Shop.
    • Guest are not allowed to reserve tennis courts online, a member must reserve the court online and pay the guest fee prior to going on the court. Guests must be accompanied by members on the court.
    • The Director of Tennis shall have the authority to exclude guest play at specific times.
  13. Lessons:
    • All lessons must be scheduled through the Tennis Pro Shop
    • The Director of Tennis has the authority to set aside a maximum of two courts in the morning peak time for lessons, clinics, and other educational or training programs. Stadium Court is our primary teaching court and have has priority for lessons at any time. Please be aware that a booking may be relocated to another court should one of these courts be required for a lesson.
    • A member/guest is not permitted to use the Club’s facility for tennis lessons from tennis professionals not affiliated with the Club.
    • If a member/guest must cancel a tennis lesson, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to the pro is required to avoid being charged for the lesson.
    • Aquarina Tennis professionals may give lessons to non-members provided Club members are given first priority for lessons.
    • Lessons and Clinics are to be quoted by the Director of Tennis.
  14. Aquarina League Play:
    • Only the Director of Tennis is allowed to create any Aquarina associated League Teams.
    • If needed the Director of Tennis will assign a Captain/Co-Captain to help the Team run smoothly. The Director of Tennis will have the last say on approve the line-ups/positioning.
    • Only members of the Club are allowed to play on any League Team.

Use of Club Facilities


Aquarina TC is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Club grounds